Moving Heads

Moving Head Wash

With a moving head wash, you have a typical large-area spotlight at your side: A high beam angle of up to 60 degrees guarantees that you can illuminate a large area without any problems. Perfect for facades and stages! Thanks to smooth transitions, there is no risk of edge formation and the beam angle can be readjusted with a variable lens, depending on the model.

Moving Head Beam

This head-moving spotlight class is a fairly young generation of event technology: Similar to a spot, a moving head beam works with a narrow beam angle of between 2 and 4 degrees, but is often used in conjunction with fog. With this accessory, nothing stands in the way of the high-end light show.

Moving Head Spot

A moving head spot allows you to focus on small areas very precisely and prominently. A beam angle of between 14 and 18 degrees as well as sharp transitions guarantee that the targeted objects are illuminated in strong tones. With color wheels, the colors are easily changed and if you want softer transitions, you will find frost filters with us.

Moving Head 3 in 1

A moving head 3 in 1 is THE all-rounder of modern light show technology. Thanks to a powerful and easy-to-use zoom function, the beam angle can be adjusted as desired. Both individual object focusing and large area irradiation are possible with a moving head 3 in 1. Integrated color wheels, prisms and gobos complete the range of functions of this all-round talent.