Buy your desired flame projector or Sparkmaster now and start your flame show straight away.

Flame Colossus V1

Equipped with 1 aerosol cartridge, the Flame Colossus V1 is ideal for a quick and effective event appearance. Finally, the projector generates flames between 2 and 4 meters high - up to 200 times in a row! Thanks to the control function via DMX transmission protocol, the projector can be linked and controlled with other flame projectors in no time at all.

Flame Colossus V2

Equipped with 2 aerosol cartridges, the Flame Colossus V2 is ideal for large and complex stage installations. The projector spits flames up to 5 meters high at the push of a button. The dual valve regulation is controlled by DMX transmission protocol: You can connect the Flame Collossus V2 with additional flame projectors in no time.

Flame Colossus V3

Equipped with 3 aerosol cartridges, the Flame Colossus V3 flame projector is ideal for professional flame shows. The projector spits out flames up to 4 meters high in three different directions. Perfect for creating individual effects over a large area. Thanks to the control via DMX protocol, a high degree of security and at the same time potential for superlative shows is offered: The Flame Colossus V3 can be connected to other projectors in just a few simple steps.

Flame Colossus V4

Equipped with 4 aerosol cartridges, the Flame Colossus V4 creates huge columns of fire or fireballs. The projector generates flames up to 8 meters high at the push of a button. Control each valve individually using DMX transmission protocol. In no time you can connect the Flame Collossus V4 with additional flame projectors.

Spark Master Fontänen Projektor

Mit dem Spark Master von Alcatech erzeugen Sie Fontänen, mit einer Dauer von bis zu 15 Minuten.
Das Gerät kann wahlweise über DMX 512 oder der mitgelieferten Fernbedienung betrieben werden.
Die Fontänenhöhe beträgt 1-5 Meter.

Aerosol FlameGun Flammenprojektor Flammeneffekt

Entdecken Sie die faszinierende FlameGun von der renommierten Firma Alcatech - Ihre perfekte Ergänzung für beeindruckende Bühnenshows und Veranstaltungen!