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After payment, devices are shipped immediately – software is ready to download.

Free support

No matter if you want product information or you start up having problems: our experts are always at your side.

High quality

Our products are made of high quality materials, such as refractory metal.

Continuous development

The Alcatech DJ software is updated regularly. This allows us to respond to trends and always support new functions.

BPM Studio Professional 5

With the fifth generation of our Dj software, an extensive, up-to-date and user-friendly audio program is available.



BPM Studio 5 adds crucial subtleties to the already sophisticated BPM Studio 4, which enhances both sound quality and ease of use. The title search, for example, is now faster, the audio driver works more performantly and the previous authentication via dongle is no longer necessary. The new optics provide even more clarity and thanks to the wide system support, even lovers of older Windows versions can use BPM Studio 5.


Lower load times and optimized resource usage

The original software from 1999 - perfected and re-visualized

Easy to use for both beginner and profis

Black Citrus

Alcatech Event Equipment

Whether village party, garden fete or musical: Alcatech offers you a well-assorted, high-quality and safe stage equipment.

Our event equipment in use


Alcatech has enjoyed a large customer base since 1991. Why is our mix of experience and passion so popular? Convince yourself:


We attach great importance to the satisfaction of our customers. This includes professional advice and extensive assistance in commissioning.



We are working on the optimal implementation of our systems. New features and product compatibility extend our support.


High quality

Our event equipment is characterized by a high quality. In addition, the connections are neatly milled and equipped with high-quality contacts.


Our effect machines are quickly linked thanks to the DMX channel control. Via PC or DMX controller you can configure breathtaking effects with little effort.



Some elements are subject to security policies, such as flame projectors. Due to the integrated security elements, however, our systems may be used without hesitation and without additional permission.

Loyalty pays off

For many products, Alcatech supplies and refills. For buyers of large effect machines even to permanent discounts!

What customers say

Tradition meets innovation / Experience meets passion
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Other benefits

Alcatech has been programming and distributing worldwide popular DJ software and stage equipment since 1999. Both at private and public events, our products have been convincing for years.

Customer satisfaction is a key concern of Alcatech. We believe that only performance in the long run will lead to success. Therefore, extensive pre-purchase advice as well as detailed assistance after purchase are part of the Alcatech promise.

Some devices are subject to safety guidelines, such as flame projectors. In addition to the generally high-quality production, safe commissioning is therefore also part of our concept: Robust and durable materials characterize the stage equipment as well as safety mechanisms a la inclination sensor & Co.

Assured advice before and after your purchase

No compromise on safety and material

Short delivery time

Free shipping throughout Germany

Wide combinations thanks to free DMX software