Buy cheap event technology from Alcatech.


flame projectors

Our flame projectors are made of refractory metal. In addition, the connections are cleanly milled and equipped with high-quality contacts.

Moving Heads

In the LED Moving Heads category you will find a large selection of professional LED Moving Heads in various designs, sizes and light outputs. The selection ranges from beam moving heads to spot moving heads to wash and effect moving heads.

smoke machines

All machines can be used indoors without health concerns.

blind man

With the Matrix Blinder you can create countless matrix effects such as letters and numbers.

LED Pars

With the LED Par spotlights from Alcatech you put areas, objects and stages in the right light.

show laser

Lasers are among the most impressive light effects. And that is exactly why we have provided a selection of high-quality lasers.

Co2 Jets

The Alcatech Co2 FX Jet is a Co2-based effects device. Using a Co2 bottle, the FX Jet generates a Co2 smoke column of up to 8 meters.

CO2 cannons

The Alcatech Co2 FX cannon is a Co2 based effect gun.

confetti cannon

With the LED SUPER CONFETTI BLASTER from Alcatech you are an eye-catcher at every event. With the battery-operated device, you can shoot confetti up to a range of 9 meters via 4 launchers at the touch of a button.

flame spray

The Alcatech Flamespray is a specially designed flame spray for the various Alcatech aerosol based flame projectors.

spark granules

With the effect granules for the Spark, you can create fountains that do not ignite or produce smoke. The specially developed titanium alloy produces cold sparks.