Wedding DJ Dresden

Wedding DJ Dresden wanted?

Then you've come to the right place at Alcatech! We make your wedding that unforgettable experience you always dreamed of.

Wedding Dj Dresden

It definitely works with Alcatech

You plan your big day for months. Suddenly the wedding DJ drops out! What now? Cancel? Celebrate without music? No way! Alcatech will also provide you with a wedding DJ Dresden at the last second, who will be by your side on the most beautiful day of your life. How it works? Alcatech has built a sophisticated network of professional DJs that can help you out anytime. It doesn't matter where and when you celebrate: Alcatech provides the right atmosphere.

Wedding Dj Dresden

We support you at your wedding exactly as you imagine it: tailor-made entertainment!


Nothing beats music. We take care of the perfect audio technology. Whether inside or outside, hall or open-air parquet. With Alcatech, every song sounds the way it should.


High-quality spotlights guarantee that your wedding shines in the perfect light, even late at night.

special effects

The bride should enter the stage through a shower of sparks? Would you like to let wafts of fog roll over the dance floor or use flamethrowers? Alcatech makes it possible!

Wedding Dj Dresden

We, that is a young and motivated team, are at your side with full commitment on the most beautiful day of your life. In addition to all sorts Know-how such as professional sound and lighting technology we also bring a great deal of experience with us. And it shows that planning pays off. We therefore advise you to get in touch early: You can already book your personal wedding DJ Dresden with numerous services.

Perfect planning

Alcatech adapts to your ideas. We bring technology, advice and a good mood. You decide about playlists & Co.!

no limits

No matter where the celebration is taking place and how many guests are invited: we give every wedding the perfect sound.

Pure highlights

You don't just want to make your wedding beautiful, but unforgettable? Alcatech has the right special effects in store!

pure music

Our wedding DJs know which music usually sets the mood at what time. However, if you have any special requests, we will of course take them into account.

Wedding Dj Dresden