DJ Dresden

DJ Dresden wanted?

Alcatech will help you! Our DJ Dresden have been convincing customers for years and can be booked quickly.

DJ Dresden

Our DJs help out.

It doesn't matter whether it's a wedding, birthday or anniversary: ​​organizing a celebration takes a lot of time. And music is an essential part of a good party! But what should you do if the DJ suddenly cancels? Start the party without music? Set the mood yourself? Better: Book a DJ Dresden from Alcatech. Our DJs can also be hired at the last second. Thanks to the flexibility and professionalism of the DJs, your event won't fall through!

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DJ Dresden

Your celebration will run according to your wishes. You decide what music is played, whether mixtapes are played and whether guests can bring in music requests.


The main job of a DJ is to play music. However, our DJs don't just DJ, they also create a good atmosphere and have a keen sense of which song is well received on which occasion.


Our DJ Dresden service not only guarantees musical entertainment: high-quality spotlights and professional switching systems put your party in the right light.

special effects

For unforgettable moments, Alcatech boasts state-of-the-art stage equipment: from flamethrowers and smoke machines to spark generators, we provide professional event technology.

DJ Dresden

Since not only many people in Dresden, but also from the surrounding area book a DJ Dresden, the selection of DJs is often limited. If the DJ then cancels, it is difficult to find a replacement. But don't worry: Thanks to a broad network of experienced and mobile DJs, we can quickly provide a professional entertainer.

Perfect planning

Alcatech has extensive experience in planning and hosting events. We would be happy to help you organize your celebration.


no limits

For our DJs it makes no difference whether the audience is 10, 100 or 1,000 listeners and spectators. We have expanded the sound and lighting technology in no time at all, so that there is a good atmosphere at every celebration.

Pure highlights

On request, the DJs who work for Alcatech can bring professional equipment such as flame projectors for unique stage shows.

pure music

After a number of assignments, our DJs know which song is well received for which occasion and at which hour. Of course, you can also express your own wishes or design the playlist.