Flame Colossus V1 Flame Projector Aerosol

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Are you looking for a special effect for your event?
Then Alcatech Eventtechnik has exactly the right equipment for you.

The Alcatech Colossus V1 Flame Projector is a fire projector specially designed for flame shows. The flame projector requires 1 aerosol cartridge with a special gas mixture as fuel. You can easily insert the aerosol cartridge, also called flame spray, into the device. The Collosus flame projector can then easily release the desired amount of gas via the high-quality valves and ignites the flames via a spark generator. You can use this technique to create standing flames or fireballs.
The housing of the Alcatech Collosus V1 flame projector is made of fireproof metal and offers good stability. The flame projector does not need to be fixed to the floor. The DMX 512 transmission protocol is available for controlling the Alcatech Collosus V1 flame projector. The fire projector has 3-pin XLR and 5-pin XLR inputs and outputs for connecting to a DMX controller. The fire projector is connected to the mains via a Powercon mains plug and can then be operated directly.

To ensure sufficient safety when using the Collosus V1, the flame projector has an anti-tip device and a safety channel.
Since the Alcatech Collosus is operated with aerosol cartridges, it does not fall under the pyrotechnic guidelines. You do not need a pyrotechnician's license to operate.

Please always observe the safety instructions in the operating instructions and only have the device operated by qualified personnel or instructed persons.

Technical specifications
Voltage: AC 230V 50Hz
Power consumption: 80W
Output: 90°
Capacity: 1 x 400ml
Flame height: 3-4m
Safety: anti-tilt, safety channel
Mode: DMX / Manual
Signal: DMX 512
DMX channels: 2
DMX connection: 3 pin / 5 pin
Safety distance: 3m / 6m
Weight: 3kg
Dimensions: 185x185x295mm

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