LED Movinghead

The Alcatech Moving Head as the center of your light show.

Staged with fog, the Moving Head can radiate far more than just light. The many variations give your party a flexible and unique lighting concept.

The Moving Head is a true multi-talent and can be used in many ways. You can use it for pure illumination of surfaces or as a simple pursuer. But the Moving Head can do a lot more. It is ideally suited as the centerpiece of every stage show. No matter if it works with a conventional discharge lamp or an LED bulb. The advantages of head-moving headlamps are obvious. If you look at a moving head once, you can quickly see its advantages. The Moving Head for the tilting movement, also called tilt movement. And the bracket for the pivoting movement, the pan movement. With its flexibility, the Moving Head can be used so individually that it can reach any angle, whether on a stage or in a club.

But which head-moving headlamp should it be?

This depends on a few factors, such as the required light output or the desired range of application. Also the own idea of the photo plays a big role. After all, creativity starts in the mind.
The product range of Alcatech includes various devices of the 3 most popular moving head groups. Which we want to introduce following you and so maybe your decision simplify something.


  • Beam Moving Head

    The main feature of these lamps is the narrow beam angle. A beam is to be understood in a moving head as a very straightforward and narrow beam of light. The Beam Moving Head is often used for scenic applications at concerts or in discos and can achieve unique effects in combination with multiple devices.

  • Wash Moving Head

    A washer is often used for large area lighting. The beam angle is significantly larger in the case of the lamp than, for example, in the case of a beam moving head. In the meantime, technology has also made it possible for the Wash Moving Heads to change their beam angle via a zoom function. This allows you to reduce the beam angle or set to a maximum.

  • Spot Moving Head

    This is a very versatile Moving Head. The Spot Moving Head can illuminate areas and put special people or objects in the right light. But he also makes a good figure in stage shows as pure moving light and can also represent various gobos and prisms.

The right light intensity.

There is no clear rule of thumb for the right light intensity for a headlight. Because the circumstances can vary from location to location. We prefer to use a higher power class and be able to react to more difficult conditions, such as heavy fog or brighter environment. When their moving lights seem too dark. It is clear, the greater the specified light output in watts, the greater the luminosity.
We would like to give you a few examples which lamp is suitable for which location.
For smaller venues such as a bar, a smaller disco or a club you can use the Alcatech Mini Wash Moving Head as Wash Moving Head. Thanks to its compact design, this moving head can be easily integrated into a truss concept and, with its 7×12 W LEDs, provides sufficient light intensity for shorter distances.
On stages and in locations with long distances, the Alcatech PROSPOT is ideal. This Moving Head is very bright due to its 150 W LED and can be used by a zoom function, as a Beam Moving Head, as a Spot Moving Head and as a Wash Moving Head.