Effect machines

At many events and events effect machines are used. There are different types. An often used effect machine is the fog machine.
These are available in 4 different versions. The fogger is probably the most commonly used version of the fog machines. Foggers are available in different power classes from 300 W to 3000 W and more.
Another type of fog machines are the Hazer. A hazer creates a fine haze and thus places the room evenly in a fine misty film.
A combination of Fogger and Hazer is called Fazer. Which represents the third type of fog machines. The Fazer can expel the mist in a powerful nebula column like the conventional Fogger and at the same time as a hazer, produce fine haze.
The fourth type of fog machines are the ground foggers. In this species, the mist is ejected so that it stays on the ground.

Special effects include the flame projectors. These generate real standing flames or fireballs at the touch of a button. The flame projectors available from Alcatech operate on an aerosol basis. This is a great advantage in that the handle is much easier. Since the aerosol cartridges can be easily inserted into the device and for the operation of the fire projectors no pyrotechnics certificate is needed. The flame projectors are available in different versions. So you can choose between devices that can emit from a flame to five flames. You will also receive the flame spray required for the operation from Alcatech in the online shop.

Co2 jets are more and more coming. These are devices that can emit a Co2 smoke column of up to 10 meters. In addition to the Co2 Jet, a Co2 bottle with riser is required for operation. These are available from any well-stocked retailer.
The effect caused by Co2 initially resembles that of a very powerful fog machine. However, the expelled Co2 volatilizes again shortly after ejection.

Alcatech also offers you fountain projectors. These devices create sparks as in professional stage shows. However, our sparkprojectors use a special granulate. These granules do not get hot and can not ignite. A fountain can not be even safer.

Confetti is a popular gimmick at every party. For the professional field in the event technology you get with Alcatech various Confetti shooter and confetti cannons.