Co2 Jet

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Co2 FX Jet

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The Alcatech Co2 FX Jet is a Co2 based effects unit. Using a Co2 bottle, the FX Jet produces a Co2 column of smoke of up to 8 meters. The device was developed especially for shows on stages, in clubs and similar events and generates refreshing columns of fog via an ejection, which disappears immediately after exit. The required Co2 gas is taken from a Co2 bottle with riser pipe. You can control the Co2 FX Jet via the DMX512 protocol and a standard DMX controller. For this you have the possibility to transmit the signal via 3 pin XLR connector. Included in delivery is a 6 meter high pressure hose which connects the unit to a Co2 bottle. For the power supply the Co2 FX Jet is connected to the mains via the included Powercon power cable and can supply further devices with power via a Powercon bridge cable. The DMX address can be set via the digital DMX control panel on the unit.


1 x Co2 Fx Jet
1 x 6 meter high pressure hose
1x Powercon power cable
1 x Operating instructions

Technical data

Voltage: AC 110-220V 50/60Hz
Ejection height: up to 8M
maximum pressure: 96,5 bar
Output: 60° – 90° Mode: DMX/Manual Signal: DMX 512
DMX channels: 1
Effect times: up to 10 sec. DMX connection: 3 pin XLR input and output
Power connection: Powercon input and output
Safety distance: 2m radius / 7m height
Weight: 3,5 kg Dimensions: 275x2125x230 mm
Power consumption: 30W

Consumption: Liquid Co2 (bottle with riser pipe)
27 litre bottle: approx 40 seconds continuous operation 4
0 litre bottle: approx 70 seconds continuous operation