BPM Studio Pro 5

The fifth generation of our audio software provides you with a comprehensive, up-to-date and easy-to-use DJ program.

Immediately usable

Download directly after purchase

Free support

Questions? Problems? We help at all times


Free update (Version 5 to 6)

Get the upcoming version of BPM Studio for free if you own the BPM Studio Profi 5 Version

New authentication

Operation possible without dongle

BPM Studio Profi 5 expands the already sophisticated BPM Studio 4 with decisive subtleties that increase both sound quality and ease of use. The title search, for example, is now faster, the audio driver works more perfomanter and the previous authentication via dongle is omitted. The new optics provide even more clarity and thanks to the wide system support, even lovers of older Windows versions can use BPM Studio 5.

New design, excellent overview

The new Black Citrus design has been specially designed for use in dark environments: the black background look blends perfectly with the ambient light in clubs & bars as well as in the evening and night hours in the open air. The orange font stands out from the background as discreetly as it is reader-friendly.


More about BPM Studio Profi 5

User-friendly as never before

    • For both beginners and professionals
    • Immediate download after purchase
    • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
    • Operation does not require a dongle
    • Multiple licenses available

A system with a future

      • Included license and unlock code management
      • Lifetime access
      • All features of BPM Studio 4 included
      • Continuous development by our team
      • Free update on BPM Studio 6

Pure performance

      • Optimized resource utilization
      • Lower charging times
      • Revised audio driver
      • Supports up to 5 sound channels
      • Automatic Gain Control

Individual and extensive

      • More convenient search functions
      • CD Writer & CD Ripper included
      • Two separate players
      • Smart playlists
      • Channel mixer and equalizer

Functions via functions

      • Mapping the disk structure
      • Parallel sound card control
      • Pre-listening function (inside and outside the archive)
      • Advanced sorting and display functions
      • Archiving of several 10,000 titles

Ready for any use

      • Supports multiple languages
      • Compatible with Loop and Sample Player
      • Automatic crossfader
      • Crossfader configurable in 6 points
      • Pitch adjustment via Pitch and Pitch Bend (also CDDA)


Why BPM Studio Professional 5?

What’s in the new BPM Studio Profi 5

With BPM Studio 5, our latest audio software is available. Since 1999, BPM Studio has impressed with its outstanding performance. An experienced team of DJ’s has already tested BPM Studio 5 in the development phase. Now the software is subject to constant control and is constantly being improved.

A modern design and a simple design of the user interface allow for effortless handling. Even under difficult conditions, such as in dark environments, ease of use is guaranteed. And: Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, BPM Studio 5 has the right features for every acoustic engineer on board.

Not convinced yet? We’ll give you a free look at BPM Studio 5: Download now, launch, try.

Minimize load times and optimize resource utilization

The original software from 1999 - perfected and re-visualized

Easy to use for both beginner and profis

Numerous functions in clear menu worlds

Free update options

What customers say

We see ourselves as a company with tradition. A satisfied, loyal customer base is an elementary part of our company philosophy.

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BPM Studio 4 Private


      • Perfect for hobby DJ’s
      • Two separate players
      • Smart playlists
      • Pitch adjustment via Pitch and Pitch Bend (also CDDA)
      • WAVE, MP1, MP2, MP3 and CDDA support
      • Direct WAVE Recording
      • Extensive management capabilities
      • Channel mixer and equali
      • Archiving of several 10,000 titles possible
      • Loop Sampler. Sample Player. Skin Support
      • CD Writer Audio/MP3
      • Automatic crossfader

86,76€ (inkl 16% MwSt)

Differences to BPM Studio Profi 5

BPM Studio 4 Private Edition supports only one sound card or stereo channel (left and right). The singular transmission therefore does not allow pre-hearing function.

      • No master tempo available
      • No Waitlist feature available
      • No ACG module integrated
      • No crossfader sequence adjustable – only time control
      • No real-time BPM Counter usable
      • No multi-device licenses available